End Credits: Popstar – Never Stop Never Stopping

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Kings of spoof pop The Lonely Island return to lampoon pop music documentaries such as Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Andy Samberg stars as Conner Friel, AKA Conner4Real, the central man-child pop star, with his real-life bandmates taking the roles of his lyricist and DJ. With ridiculous spending on luxuries, strange parties, video and stage show gimmicks and a 32-strong army of personal staff including unicorn and wolf tamers, Conner hits financial troubles when his second album flops. Backed up by a cast of strong Saturday Night Live alumni and cameos from the likes of Adam Levine, Arcade Fire, Mariah Carey, Ringo Starr, Snoop Dogg and many more, Popstar is the Spinal Tap of pop. Plenty of laughs are provided by the film and its catchy soundtrack, which includes the likes of Equal Rights, about promoting love for all and gay marriage but still being straight, and Finest Girl, a love song about a very strange request.

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