End Credits: Sausage Party and Brotherhood

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Despite its gaudy junk food exterior, Sausage Party turns out to be more nutritious than it initially lets on. From Seth Rogen and his Pineapple Express/Superbad team this adult-oriented animation shows us the secret lives of our groceries, blissfully unaware of the horrendous outcomes that await them. Rowdy sausage Frank’s (Rogen) dreams of finally getting inside his girlfriend Brenda (a hotdog bun) come crashing down when he witnesses a potato being peeled “alive”. With more horrific demises of his friends he makes it his mission to save the remaining ones – and all grocery-kind – in a film stuffed with dirty innuendoes, jokes, drug use and sex. But what raises the bar is Sausage Party’s unexpectedly sophisticated satire and commentary on organised religion, the afterlife and its questioning of how these Pixar-esque worlds work in relation to our own.

Noel Clarke returns to finish off the London intercity gang based Kidulthood trilogy with Brotherhood. Despite trying to live a normal life with his girlfriend and kids, Sam’s (Clarke) past comes back to haunt him.

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