End Credits: Blair Witch, Bridget Jones’s Baby

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Having been a triumph in early viral marketing and setting off the fashion for found footage horror, back in 1999 The Blair Witch Project was fresh, low budget and scary. Ignoring its dreadful pseudo-sequel Book of Shadows which was a regular monster horror movie, Blair Witch returns to the now rather stagnant found footage genre to show us how it should be done. James Donahue, brother of the original’s Heather, and his friends venture into the woods to trace his sister’s footsteps and investigate her mysterious disappearance 22 years ago. Having been referred to as “the Woods” right up until it’s premier at San Diego comic con, it’s a real feat that maker’s managed to keep the movie’s real identity secret in a digital age, recapturing a hint of the excitement they built first time round, when no one knew if it was real or not.

An infinitely scarier prospect for some readers will be that there’s a new Bridget Jones movie. This time Bridget’s cheesily perfect and easy (yet oh so terrible and awkward) life hits another bump in the road in the form of a baby. Realising she’s pregnant, Jones (Zellweger) has one main question, who’s the father? Is it the new man – handsome American, Jack (Patrick Dempsey) who she might one day love but maybe not yet? Or, is it the man she did love, and maybe still does – Mark (Colin Firth)? Who knows? Not Bridget. Anyway, both vie for her affection over the next nine months/two hours in a movie that will please those who enjoyed the previous two films but won’t win it any new fans.

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