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The Magnificent Seven, 31

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With westerns making a bit of a fashionable comeback and Hollywood’s love of remaking films, it was inevitable that we’d eventually see a flashy reboot of one of the classics. The Magnificent Seven (which was already a remake of a Japanese film the first time round) is certainly packed full of gun toting action, five o’clock shadows, whisky and bandits, with a popular cast including Denzel Washington and the ever audience-pleasing Chris Pratt. Despite all this, the movie doesn’t quite live up to the calibre of some of the better modern westerns and isn’t quite magnificent, though it is certainly adequate.

Rob Zombie once again brings his love of horror, carnival, circus and the American desert to cinema screens in 31. As always, it stars Zombie’s wife Sheri Moon, this time as Charly, a carnie captured and forced to participate with her colleagues in a strange and sadistic game called 31. Typically, it’s a gritty, sick and twisted affair, designed to shock and confuse, and will very much divide audiences.

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The Magnificent Seven, 31

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