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The Manchester musician on reviving the cultural offering in her community

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The purpose of the Westwolf experiments was to bring together creative people in a space where they could collaborate in envisioning and building or shaping the future of Manchester’s creative culture. This was for me was a way of responding to the feeling that Mancunian counter-culture had become mired by the exploitative creep of businesses looking to profit from it. I felt that the way to revive the ailing state that this culture found itself in was with raw creativity, through music and art.

Growing up and living in Whalley Range, I’ve seen it go through many changes throughout my life. I’ve witnessed the community disintegrating here and throughout Manchester as people have retreated into their own private spaces and lost interest in one another and their surroundings. I wanted to create a space in my local church where people can be visually and intellectually excited, surrounded by art installations, light and projections – a place where people could listen to music in an otherworldly atmosphere. I wanted to inspire people in other areas to use their local community spaces to create interesting events and to bring genuine culture back into Manchester’s communities.

Westwolf gives musicians the opportunity to perform together on an even playing field, without the imposition of the arbitrary standards of the industry – the first to perform is treated with as much respect as the last. The fifth installment is next Saturday.

Headliners Kiyoko have been making beautifully tranquil electronic jams since 2012. I’m one half of Bernard & Edith, a duo who make contorted electronic pop music.

There will also be poetry from Hamish Rush, a dance piece by Holly Rush to open the event with music by me, and a big art installation by Yasmin Lever.

The fifth Westwolff is at St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Road, Whalley Range, Manchester on 26 November

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