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US singer-songwriter Lissie is gearing up to release her second live acoustic album, Live at Union Chapel. She also heads on on tour, visiting Manchester Academy, 30 Nov, Leeds Brudenell Social Club, 1 Dec, and Sheffield Leadmill, 12 Dec. She talks about going from signed to indie and social media stalking.

What informs your music and songwriting?
My experiences, relationships, observations and emotions.

How have you evolved as an artist since your first record, Why You Runnin’?
My voice has gotten much stronger, both physically and topically. I now have a much better understanding of all the elements of making a song. I’m more comfortable playing with other people after years of touring. I have more confidence and self-assurance after putting in the time, I’d say. My whole world perspective has changed too actually. I started writing those songs in 2007-2009 so a lot has happened since.

What are you up to at the moment artistically?
As I write, I’m at my new farmhouse in Iowa and a friend is here helping me record new songs and giving me a lesson on how to record myself. I also feel like decorating, cleaning and organising my house is an artistic pursuit as well. I’ve got a mural I’m working on, on the side of my garage. I wouldn’t say I’m a great visual artist but it’s fun to express myself in other ways than just musically.

What’s it like to operate in the music industry today?
I’m in a unique spot where I had a lot of support early on from a major label that helped me gain exposure and an awesome fan base, and I’m grateful for that. Now I’m independent but still work with a great team of people. I can kind of decide more firmly what my goals and visions are now and I’m curious to see what new music will come in the coming months, and how I can maintain my autonomy while growing.

What’s on your rider?
Good red wine and ideally a glass pitcher of filtered water. Been trying to break the plastic habit.

Tell us your most embarrassing or surreal experience?
I don’t get too embarrassed. Recently I didn’t know people could see when you’re viewing their stories on Instagram and I had been creeping hard on someone! I panicked! Dang social media!

What’s your worst lyric?
Oh geez, I don’t know. I hope the worst ones don’t actually make it into the songs.

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