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Beauty and the Beast

Plus Personal Shopper and Rammstein: Paris

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A tale as old as time hits cinemas this week – or at least one 26 years old – as Disney’s Beauty And The Beast gets its live action remake. Emma Watson stars as the bookish Belle who, while trying to save her father, is taken captive by the Beast, only to befriend his enchanted staff of ornaments and learn about his curse and gentle true nature. While Daily Mail readers are getting their knickers in a twist about Disney’s “first gay moment” – courtesy of Josh Gad’s (Olaf in Frozen) portrayal of Le Fou, Gaston’s bumbling sidekick – the rest of us can just enjoy another all-star cast in a well done live action Disney classic.

Considering on its title and lead star, Personal Shopper may not seem like much but Kristen Stewart gives one of her better performances in this interesting and spooky mystery. Following the death of her twin brother, personal shopper Maureen (Stewart) tries to contact her deceased sibling to keep her side of a pact where they would leave a sign for the other upon their demise.

Also for one night only, the theatrical and pyro-mad German industrial metallers take over cinemas in Rammstein: Paris. Acclaimed and eclectic music video maker Jonas Åkerlund directs the concert movie, and while the band’s music may not be everyone’s cup of tea (even among metal fans) their stage shows and incorporated pyrotechnics really are a sight to behold.

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