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Plus Table 19 and Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience

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Alec Baldwin is a baby. I’m not referring to his pre-Trump Twitter rants, but his new role voicing the suit-clad infant star in The Boss Baby. Sent to an unsuspecting family to secretly investigate why puppies are getting more attention than babies, their formerly lone child Tim soon discovers all is not what it seems with his new baby brother. This new animation, channelling the likes of Look Who’s Talking and Cats and Dogs, has both hits and misses.

Despite a usually strong comedic cast, including Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow and Stephen Merchant, Table 19 is a tiresome comedy about a table of misfit guests at a wedding they were too polite to decline but should have. Trying to be quirky and sentimental about awkwardness and finding friendship in strange places, it instead comes off as cheesy and overly reliant on a coincidental situation at a wedding – and seems to go on for days.

Finally, and possibly most disturbingly, kids TV phenomenon Peppa Pig makes her silver screen debut in Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience, in what is billed as an “interactive” event, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones staying quiet. Just remember that the pink swine’s behaviour can be a bad influence – and could be hazardous combined with all the sugar available at the concessions stand. There’s no slick update to the animation either but at least the “movie” is only an hour long.

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