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A Dog's Purpose

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Do you have a dog? Are you the kind of person who will watch endless pet videos on social media? Do you believe in reincarnation? I ask because they’re pretty key if you’re going to enjoy the overly sentimental A Dog’s Purpose. The film follows the spirit of a dog, voiced by Josh Gad through several incarnations of different canine breeds and sexes as he helps his owners. But the main focus is on the dog’s first and last lives. Initially he’s a golden retriever and best friend to Ethan, a young boy, who grow up alongside each other until the inevitable. After a few more incarnations, the pair are finally reunited as the now grown-up Ethan rescues a St Bernard (with the spirit of a childhood pal) from a pound. Crammed full of sugary sentiment, easy, cheesy storylines, poop jokes and death, this dog’s purpose seems to be to sell hankies and Häagen-Dazs rather than to entertain or tell a story.

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