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Alien – Covenant

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In 1979 Ridley Scott introduced us to the HR Giger-designed Xenomorph in Alien. The movie’s limited use of its monster and its reliance on sets and environment led to a defining moment in tense sci-fi horror. Things changed with James Cameron’s Aliens. In true 1980s style, more was more. More aliens, more guns – the franchise became the perfect big action sci-fi flick. Less can be said for the films that followed. Alien3, Requiem and the Vs Predator spinoffs were clearly made with monetary motivation.

Fans’ hopes were raised in 2012 when Ridley Scott returned to the franchise with Prometheus, promising to answer questions he’d set up in the original. Instead we ended up with a prequel that divided audiences and posed several questions for each one it answered.

Which leads us to Alien: Covenant. Set after the events of Prometheus, the crew of the Covenant, a planet-colonising ship, land on what they mistakenly believe to be a remote, uninhabited world. It’s doubtful fans will get all the answers they’re looking for just yet. Scott has confirmed there will be at least one more movie, and hinted towards as many as four, before we get to the original movie’s timeline.

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Alien – Covenant

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