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King Arthur

Plus: Colossal

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Guy Ritchie brings us King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Rather than the usual Knights of the Round Table with a bit of magic, he’s gone full on Game of Thrones with the material in an epic action fantasy movie. But Ritchie just can’t stop himself going lock, stock and two smoking dragons and puts a Cockney gangster spin on the medieval tale. So for this iteration, a young Arthur, clueless to his royal bloodline, runs the back alleys of Londinium with his gang. When he pulls a magical sword from stone his birthright is revealed and so begins his quest to become king, which is full of action, magic, monsters, demons, dragons and geezers.

In a bizarre concept Colossal brings dark humour to the Japanese Kaiju giant monster format. Anne Hathaway stars as Gloria, an unemployed writer with a drink problem, who after being kicked out by her boyfriend moves back to her hometown and reunites with some childhood friends. Waking up after a heavy night to the news that a giant Godzilla-like monster has attacked Seoul she soon discovers that she is connected to the monster’s actions. Thankfully smarter and more metaphorical than just a drunk Anne Hathaway controlling a huge monster, Colossal is a surreal and witty twist on the format.

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King Arthur

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