Festival Q&A:
Beans on Toast

British folk singer Jay McAllister gears up to play Rambottom's
Head for the Hills festival (15-17 Sept)

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Who else are you excited to see?
TANKUS AND THE HENGE. I recently played at Okeechobee Festival, in Florida. It’s a bonkers party and I was playing every night ‪at 4am‬. Also playing the same stage every night was Jazz Delorean, the singer of Tankus, playing solo. Shit me, that man can play. What a piano player and songwriter. We actually spent all weekend together and became buddies so it’ll be great to see the full band. I hear it’s smoke machines galore.

What’s your best festival memory?
I met my wife at a festival in Kent called Lounge on the Farm whilst watching Toots and The Maytals. Unfortunately that festival is no more, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

What are your festival essentials?
Yourself. Pack light, less is more. You don’t wanna be carrying loads of shit around.

How does playing a festival differ from playing your own gig?

It lasts all weekend and it’s outside. When up on stage though it’s very similar. I put the same amount of love into all my shows, big, small, inside, outside, whatever. I’m bang up for it.

What’s your favourite part of playing a festival?
As always the actual gig is the best bit. The hour you spend on stage will be the best hour of the festival. But I love festivals. They make more sense to me than a lot of things in life. The music, the food and the drink… mostly though I enjoy the people. A festival is at its heart a big gathering of people and that’s what I enjoy. It’s good for your soul to be around so many people.

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Beans on Toast

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