Festival Q&A:
Jim Bob

The former frontman of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine says he's looking forward to swimming backstage at the Gigant Indie All Dayer, 27 May

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Who else are you excited to see at Gigantic?
Even though I’ve seen Pop Will Eat Itself and EMF loads of times I always look forward to getting another chance. I think I saw the Wedding Present at a festival in Spain but it was really hot and I drank quite a bit so I’m not entirely sure about that. It will be good to be able to see them properly. There was a swimming pool backstage at the Spanish gig. I expect there’ll be one backstage at the Manchester Academy too. I never miss an opportunity for a swim.

What’s your best festival memory?

Playing Reading with Carter USM in 1991. I remember it as being such a perfect day, from the moment we arrived in the afternoon, when we were met by TV cameras and interview requests, to when we left the stage at the end of our set. The sunset, the audience, the way it felt like everyone in the world loved us, even the press. We had hit records and loads of fun in the years following but that day in Reading was probably the peak.

What are your festival essentials?

Some sort of snack biscuits. Maybe a pack of those granola bars they sell in Sainsbury’s.

How does playing a festival differ from playing your own gig?
My solo shows are usually big singalong affairs. That’s less likely to happen at a festival. I do worry that as everyone isn’t there to see me, they might not like me, or know who the hell I am. Although, I do like a challenge.

What’s your favourite part of playing a festival?

The lack of responsibility. I don’t have to worry about ticket sales. And the backstage swimming pool.

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Jim Bob

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