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Mi Mye

Mi Mye (Jamie Lockhart) grew up in Skerray, a tiny Scottish fishing village, but for 10 years Wakefield has been his home. Playing Bluedot and Deershed this summer, he recalls hitchhiking from Scotlan

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Who else are you excited to see?
At Bluedot everyone is excited about seeing The Pixies. That is going to be so great. I am also really looking forward to seeing Post War Glamour Girls as well – they are such a wonderful band to watch. At Deershed I’m really excited about seeing H Hawkline – we are old friends – and King Creosote, who has the most beautiful voice ever.

What’s your best festival memory?
When I was just a kid I saved enough money to go from the far far north of Scotland to Glastonbury. I was only little and the entire experience was so amazing. Me and one friend went and we got so many buses and lifts. It took three days to get there, starting with a lift from the postman and ending up on a party double-decker bus. Beck played and it was ace. When we got home we found out that we had been on the little clip the BBC play all the time at the beginning and end of their TV shows for the festival and we thought that we were so cool.

What are your festival essentials?

I think you need different things for every festival. Some you can just arrive with nothing, have a totally ace time and maybe only stay for the afternoon, others you want to arrive really early and set up a little camp and have a super long weekend there. Both are totally ace ways to do a festival.

How does playing a festival differ from playing your own gig?

I find the atmosphere between the rest of the bands is so great. I really like that everyone is excited about everything that’s going on, different bands on different stages. I like that when you’re playing a festival you notice people you know really well who pop out from the woodwork to come see you play, alongside people that would have never heard of you before. That’s the part of playing at a festival I really like.

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