Festival Q&A:
Olly Murs

The cheeky pop prince chats about playing a different type of festival this summer, at Haydock Racecourse for Jockey Club live, 11 Aug

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Are you looking forward to playing Jockey Club?
These are shows where you get to see the real people – they are days out, family days at racecourses. It’s slightly different, you know. Over the years I’ve done loads of different festivals, all these commercial festivals that people go to every year. I just feel like going to a racecourse is so different and people get to see a different vibe, different set, different sound and you get to see different people. Some of these people that come to the racecourse are people that maybe have never been to a music festival before, so it’s nice. I just thought it’s refreshing for me to do a gig like this. I’m really looking forward to having a day out with my mates at Haydock Park as well as everyone else and then, at the end of it, get up and sing an hour, an hour and a half, two hour show, and just have some fun and have a great night.

Do you feel like you reach a different audience at these types of shows?

That’s the great thing about doing these racecourse events is that it’s about going to different parts of the country, different areas that other artists might not have been to for a while or, for someone like me, I haven’t been to the areas in a long time. So it really gives the people of these areas ta chance to come and see me because they might not come to the arena tours. It’s just great to be involved. I can’t wait to get go out to see all the fans. It’s gonna be a great one and I’m sure I’ll have a massive hangover at the end of it but I’ll enjoy it.

When you go out on tour playing these types of shows, do you get to see much of the area?
I haven’t been to many racecourses over the last few years as I’ve been so busy but I love the atmosphere, I love the people. You go out there and put a few bets on and the only problem for me is not to be drinking too much! It doesn’t get much better in the summer. If you’re a fan of my music or not a fan of my music, it’ll be a fantastic day out and I look forward to putting a show on. I’ll make sure everyone goes home happy and have a good day.

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Olly Murs

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