End Credits: Despicable Me 3

Plus: All Eyez On Me

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After their own outing not too long ago, the banana-obsessed, dungaree-wearing little yellow Minions return to the series that launched the merchandise floggers in Despicable Me 3. Along with the lovably annoying Minions, Gru, Lucy and their daughters are back too, but as Gru loses his job with the Anti-Villain League he discovers he has a long lost twin brother and is coerced back into becoming a super villain. Colourful and fast paced, Despicable Me 3 as usual manages to balance sentimentality and humour while entertaining both kids and adults.

All Eyez On Me is the unfortunately missable biopic of Tupac Shakur. Over 20 years since the prolific rapper’s death and riding on the success of Straight Outta Compton a few years back, this “true and untold story” sheds barely any new light on an intriguing artist, providing little more than musical nostalgia for fans.

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