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“Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters,” announces Russell Crowe as he introduces us to Princess Ahmanet, the reborn and rebooted version of the classic monster in The Mummy. After being trapped in a tomb for millennia the malevolent Egyptian princess is awoken in the present day by Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) who she promptly curses in a bid to make this new world her own. Cue chaos and destruction. The Mummy isn’t the only classic monster being resurrected here – the movie marks the start of a new “dark universe” based on classic Universal monster movies, including the Bride of Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, Van Helsing and more, so it wouldn’t be surprising if one or two crop up or are referenced here. The Mummy may be a mash of old and borrowed influences – X-Men Apocalypse is said to have been a big influence on this reincarnation – but then aren’t all Cruise’s movies the same these days anyway?

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