End Credits:
The Big Sick

Plus: Captain Underpants

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Written by and starring Kumail Nanjiani (Dinesh from Silicon Valley), The Big Sick is based on the start of his relationship with his now wife Emily. As his parents regularly set him up various “suitable” Pakistani girls for a traditional arranged marriage, Kumail meets Emily, a Jewish white girl, and a one-night stand flourishes into a relationship. Emily’s discovery of Kumail’s parents plans to marry him off to another woman leads to a break-up but Emily becomes ill and is put in a medically induced coma. Kumail awkwardly waits in the hospital with Emily’s unimpressed parents whom he has never met. With unconventional rom-com king Judd Apatow producing, The Big Sick is awkward, heartwarming, sincere and hilarious.

As the school summer holidays start there’ll no doubt be some rainy days. If a trip to the cinema with the kids is on the cards, Captain Underpants is worth a look. Some parents may be familiar with the book series about the young pranksters and their hypnotised principal’s alter ego but, if it’s new to you, fear not – it actually makes for a kids movie that isn’t as cringeworthy as it first seems.

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