End Credits:
War of the Planet
of the Apes

Plus: Dunkirk and Cars III

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First up this week Andy Serkis and his band of motion-captured monkeys return in War for the Planet of the Apes. Serkis’s performance in the first reboot helped bring the new origin story to life and has evolved along with the character. Now on the third film, Caesar (Serkis) is more vocal, upright and human-like as he leads his tribe of apes in the war against the humans. With twists and betrayal, savagery and compassion War for the Planet of the Apes continues the success of the franchise with its best instalment yet.

If you prefer your war movies historical then Dunkirk is for you, Christopher Nolan’s new Second World War thriller. Focusing on the evacuation of thousands of Allied servicemen from the coastal French town, the movie features little dialogue yet manages to convey the urgency, fear and intensity of such a pivotal operation.

If war isn’t your thing or you’re after entertaining the kids on a rainy day during the holidays, Cars 3 races onto screens the week. Probably Pixar’s poorest franchise, it has somehow bagged a third movie but the familiar anthropomorphic vehicles from the previous films struggle to keep up.

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