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The Dark Tower

Pus: An Inconvenient Sequel

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Adapted from Stephen King’s eponymous book series, The Dark Tower stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. Two fantastic actors and one popular western/fantasy/sci-fi story – what could go wrong? A lot, it seems. Boiling down eight novels into a 95-minute movie disappointingly makes for a rather empty and often confusing film despite it being so hotly anticipated for many years.

In 2006, with the buffoonish George Bush as president, former vice president Al Gore released the passionate and eye-opening climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth. The film played a part in bringing climate change to the fore and its influence could be seen in the steps governments were making. Over 10 years later, and with a president who makes Bush look like a rocket scientist, Gore returns with An Inconvenient Sequel. Not quite reaching the effectiveness and impact of the first offering, Gore is now preaching to the converted. Deniers are unlikely to see this film and convincing them is like talking to an 80-feet high and 2,000-mile long wall anyway. But he is still passionate about his beliefs – seeing the clip of Gore’s face when Trump announced the US was pulling out of the Paris agreement says it all.

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The Dark Tower

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