Festival Q&A:
Ward XVI

The Preston winners of the Metal 2 The Masses emerging talent competition tell our Bloodstock correspondent about theatrical avant-garde rock, getting quicker with the makeup – and, of course, hummus

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So how was your Bloodstock set?
Packed, mate! So surprised. It was amazing – we thought there’d be no one there, but we’ve been doing a lot of flyering and promoting. Going up to people and saying we’re playing at 10.30 in the morning, we’re filming and this that and the other, come down and party with us. We gave the first 100 people party bags with merch, CDs and t-shirts, it really worked well for us.

How did it feel when you won Metal 2 The Masses?
A bit surreal. I don’t think any of us thought there was any way we’d win. We were up against a lot of bands that we’re friends with. We got knocked out in the semi-finals last year and we thought, well, our music’s a bit different from what they’re looking for so this year we were just quite relaxed about it.

What is your style?
We’re sort of labelled as “theatrical avant-garde rock”, but some of the tracks on the album are quite different. There’s some doom and others have more of a carnival feel to them or an electro-dance feel. We’ve all got influences from all over the place so there’s a lot of styles. The album’s a concept album, 16 tracks, and the story interweaves through it. It took us about a year and it came out last month. We recorded it at Edge Studios. Mark Winterburn was an amazing producer – the sound he got is absolutely brilliant. We put it on in the car and were like, we sound like a real band! It’s really good.

Who’s been your highlight so far?
I watched Decapitated and Whitechapel yesterday. Amon Amarth as well – I’ve been meaning to see them for a while.

How long does it take you to do your makeup?
Berrie does mine – takes her about 10 minutes. We usually take about 20 minutes but it’s getting better. It’s just practice. The amount of wipes we go through – “Argh, no. Done it wrong again!”

If you get a rider, what’s on it or what would your dream rock star rider be?
No Marshall amps! I don’t know – it’s so rare that an original music band get any form of payment. We turn up and we love the fact that we’re given the opportunity to play for people. It’s quite sweet when a venue does ask is there anything they can get you. One time Min asked for some Babybels, and there was a mini-fridge full of Babybels. Even when venues just get you some food, water and beer, we’d never had that before and it was just amazing. The thing is, it’s not about the money or free things or whatever. It’s about venues caring about the music and the bands.

Most bands we interview seem to want hummus on their rider. What is your stance on the renowned chick pea dip?
Can’t stand the stuff and I’m a vegetarian! I ordered it once thinking it was couscous.


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