Music Q&A: Ba'al

The Sheffield-based post-metal band speak to our Bloodstock correspondent after becoming one of the winners of the festival's emerging talent competition Metal 2 The Masses

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How did it feel to win Metal 2 the Masses?
Really good. We weren’t expecting to win but everyone grouped together, got us through to the final and then it was down to the judges at the last one. I just started laughing hysterically. I got horrendously drunk because I was that happy. It didn’t sink in for about three days.

What is your sound? Who are you like?
We don’t have much recorded at the moment bar a few live videos but we’re recording at the moment. That’ll be out this year – when, we’re not sure yet. But to put us in a nutshell, post metal, sludge, atmospheric, a lot of influence from Cult of Luna, early Mastodon. Big 10-minute songs with melodic sections.

What’s the metal scene like in Sheffield?
Getting there. It died off. It used to be really big but then when bands like Arctic Monkeys got popular everyone started going down the indie route and venues favoured that, but it’s coming back round. We were just part of the Doom Doc, which focused on the underground doom scene in Sheffield. That was an honour.

If you got a rider what would be on it?
Ginger, lemon and green tea with hot water, tea, coffee, maybe some beers. You don’t want to get too pissed before you go on stage. Have a couple for dutch courage but nothing fancy.

Most bands we interview want hummus on their rider. What’s your opinion of hummus?
I might have a few very large pots and a couple of loaves in the back of the van. It’s quick, it’s easy. Everyone can deal with it.

Any festival anecdotes, either playing or as a punter?
Nah. This is my first Bloodstock. I usually go to ArcTanGent or one of the festivals abroad like Hellfest. I’ve been to Download a few times but it’s not my thing anymore. I’m a bit older now. I’ve been meaning to come here for years but something always got in the way. It’s a great little festival – it’s got a really good vibe, everything really friendly. It’s nicely spaced out too – you don’t have to walk 20 miles to get anywhere.

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