Music Q&A: HoofKnuckle

The low-tuned Selby metal band were one of the winners of Bloodstock's Metal 2 The Masses competition for emerging talent

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Was it a stiff competition?
Swifto: Very, we didn’t think we’d win at all. We’d only had one practice with our new guitarist before the gig but we put it all on the line.

What did you feel like when you won?
Swifto: Unbelievable. It took a few days to sink in. My first reaction, as a couple of us had entered before with an old band, was: “Seriously? Now I need to buy a tent.”
Nic: Mine was: “My wife’s going to kill me. She’s 37 weeks pregnant.” It was difficult too as we were playing with a lot of bands we know and you wonder if they’re all going to hate us for winning.

What did you get for winning?
Swifto: We get to play, and stay VIP, but it’s such a good competition. The guys that run it, Simon Hall and Rob Bannister, are great. Any bands that are wanting to do it, have a go. Just go do it. Even if you don’t get to the finals, they’re always good gigs and once you do you are on Bloodstock’s radar.

What’s next for the band?
Swifto: We’ve recorded, we’re mixing and mastering at the moment and recording final vocals but we’re still quite green – we’ve only been together a year. But hopefully it’ll be ready soon – before Xmas at least.

If you had a rider, what would be on it?
Swifto: BBQ food, we’re all about the slow cooked barbecue, proper beer and plenty of Yorkshire tea – no messin’ about, non of that Tetley stuff.

Most bands we interview want hummus on their rider. What is your opinion of hummus?
Swifto: Hummus? Nah, our rider would be Arnold Schwarzenegger driving a Hummer towing a BBQ smoker!

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