End Credits: Flatliners

Plus: Brimstone

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Initially thought to be a remake, Flatliners was instead revealed to be a sequel to the 1990s film of the same name when Kiefer Sutherland announced he was reprising his role as Dr Nelson Wright. It all seems pretty similar to the original – a group of young medical students experiment with trying to reach and return from the afterlife, only to have paranormal consequences. Ellen Page heads the cast of the sequel, which has been given a massive upgrade visually.

Split into four chapters – Revelation, Exodus, Genesis and Retribution – Brimstone is a hefty Western about a mute woman (Dakota Fanning), accused of a crime she didn’t commit, being hunted by a vengeful preacher who is full of fire and, well, brimstone. With the first three chapters in reverse chronological order, Brimstone is dark, unrelenting, sordid and sometimes a little confusing. Kit Harrington and his Game of Thrones co-star Carice van Houten (Melisandre) lead the revelations in the third chapter, Genesis.

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