Music Q&A:
DJ Ace

The R&B DJ, on air at weekdays from 10am on BBC Radio 1Xtra, reveals his record to get any dancefloor going

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How have you evolved as a DJ over the years?
I’m definitely more comfortable in front of different crowds now. I grew up playing hood parties in London so it used to sometimes throw me off when I’d get booked out of town for a different type of crowd. Now I’m super comfortable in front of any audience: grimey bar, super clubs, festivals – all of them can get shut down!!

What’s your record to get any dancefloor going?
Right now Wild Thoughts is the ultimate dancefloor filler. Anything ladies can sing together is a winner.

Any record that unfortunately cleared it?
French Montana Unforgettable is a weird one. It’s a very Marmite. People love it or hate it. I’ve seen it shut down a party but I’ve also seen it clear a dancefloor.

Is club culture dying?
I don’t think so. People still want to go out. People still want to party. I don’t think it’s dying but I do think it’s changed. There’s more choice and loads more DJs.

What are you up to at the moment?
On 1xtra weekday mornings from 10am. I have an RnB Club night called Recordbox. I also have two podcasts. Cut the Chat, a podcast that’s based on the conversations men have in the barbershop, and The Kickout, which is a podcast I present about WWE wrestling.

What’s on your rider?
No idea. Lol. I only drink water during sets.

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