Music Q&A: Noah Gundersen

Seattle-based musician Noah Gundersen, whose upcoming album White Noise is out on 22 September, will play Manchester's Night & Day on 12 September

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What informed your songwriting on the new album White Noise?
I guess I was trying to capture some of the feelings of fear and anxiety I was having, along with observations on the absurdity I kept seeing all around me, without being too on the nose.

What can fans expect from you on this new album?
It’s different, but it’s still me. My soul is still in the music, even if the sound has changed. I just wanted make something I could enjoy listening to.

Do you consider White Noise a part of your evolution as an artist or just a new direction?
I see everything I make as a part of a larger journey.

What do you like most about touring in the UK?
I like the people, they’re often very kind and attentive at the shows. I also enjoy the mental reset of being in a completely different culture, away from what’s familiar and comfortable.

What one song do you wish you had written?
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

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