End Credits: Geostorm

Plus: My Little Pony the Movie

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In a world where we are able to control the earth’s climate through a series of satellites, natural disasters such hurricanes and tsunamis are a thing of the past. But when these satellites seemingly begin to malfunction, the weather comes back with a vengeance. Instantly freezing blizzards, car-sized hail stones, multiple tornados, waves the size of skyscrapers – Geostorm plays out like pure disaster porn. Had it been released five, 10 or 15 years ago audiences would have lapped it up along with the countless other movies of its type – 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, et al – but now it feels just a bit too ridiculous, not to mention ill timed.

Little girls and “bronies” everywhere rejoice, Princess Twilight Sparkle and company are bringing their brand of friendship and magic to the big screen. The land of Equestria is threatened by a dark new arrival, Tempest Shadow, meaning the ponies must travel beyond their home in order to save it. Bright, cheesy and bubbly, it even has its stars turning into mermaids at one point. My Little Pony the Movie is very much a film for fans, and perfect for a rainy half term afternoon.

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