Music Q&A:
Sam Supplier

The Rinse FM DJ has played 200 gigs in the last 12 months and is proud to have never cleared a dancefloor. His new single Night and Day is out on 20 Oct

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How have you evolved as a DJ over the years?
Got better! I know the CDJs like the back of my hand and how to create patterns to send dancefloors nuts. I’ve progressed to playing at least half my sets using my own music now as well, which is an amazing feeling.

What’s your record to get any dancefloor going?
Well, it depends if it’s a club or festival, but I’d say in general across the board it would be my bootleg remix of the theme from the TV show Power. Everyone has been erupting every time I spin it.

Any record that unfortunately cleared it?
Haha, I can proudly say I’ve never ever cleared a dancefloor to date – and I did nearly 200 gigs in last 12 months! But, hey – never say never!

Some say club culture is dying. What do you think?
It’s far from dying, but I would say it has dropped slightly. I feel that this is because there are so many festivals to go to these days – you’re spoilt for choice with quality line-ups. Or the fact that you can now jump on a plane to Ibiza for like £40 – that’s a round of drinks in some clubs.

What are you up to at the moment?
It’s the most exciting time of my career so far. I have my debut national single called Night & Day coming out on 20 Oct! It’s signed to the legendary Champion Records who were behind people like Faithless and Robin S’s Show Me Love. It’s been getting some crazy radio support and you can check out the music video right now we filmed over in Ibiza.

What’s on your rider?
Well, my hospitality rider is nothing too extravagant: one bottle of Ciroc vodka with Diet Cokes and sugar-free Red Bulls, six Budweiser (for my boys), a plain white towel (I sweat a lot), plain flavour Pringles and a box of mint Tic Tacs! Ask me again this time next year and let’s see if I’ve turned into a diva!

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