Music Q&A: Rews

The female rock duo end a big year with a 16-date UK tour and the release of their album Pyro. They play Greystones, Sheffield, 15 Nov; Fibbers, York, 16 Nov; and the Met, Bury, 17 Nov

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What informs your music and songwriting?
Rews’ songs are informed by a whole mixture of life experiences that emotionally affect us. From love to death and some creepy encounters, the aim is to create something really honest that will tell a great story and comfort people that feel alone. We also want to encourage people to let go and have fun.

How have you evolved as a band  over the years?

As our friendship has deepened, so has our musical connection. We have really challenged and developed our musical skills (and will continue to do this). We feel we are becoming a bigger, energetic rock force.

What are you up to at the moment artistically?
The main thing we are working on is ensuring that our tour performance is top notch and allows us to showcase our album at its best live.
Shauna: I’m working on some new guitar techniques – trying to explore more picking techniques and have been experimenting with new pedal textures. It’s been great fun! We’re also working on some new creative merch designs and we are always storming up song ideas and themes that we can’t wait to jam out soon. You know, we need to make our next steps toward album number two!
Collette: I’m working on speed and accuracy around the kit and expanding the more visual aspects of my playing such as stick tricks and standing up whilst playing, etc. I think it’s important the audience are entertained in as many ways as possible. I’m also trying to be as creatively productive with my multi tasking as possible. I currently play to click/trigger track and sing but I’d love to add other elements into my playing using triggers and more timbres.

What’s on your rider?
Haha! Well, we’re quite boring – it’s mainly food and a few ciders and beers! We’ve always toyed with the idea of putting something like a teacup pig on there just to see the response, haha!

Tell us your most embarrassing or surreal experience.

Shauna: I once had an outer-body experience on a fever and then I saw lightning strike twice in the same place outside my bedroom window.
Collette: I climbed a pyramid called Coba in Mexico. When I got to the top I could see for miles and it was so awe inspiring I felt like I was on a different planet!

What song do you wish you’d written?
Shauna: I’m in love with many songs but most recently I wish I had written Marika Hackman’s Cinnamon.
Collette: It has to be Everlong by the Foo Fighters for me. It’s such a beautiful piece of music and my favourite song in the world!

What’s your worst lyric?
Shauna: Hahaha! Maybe “And really, it’s just creepy, you should stay the hell away from me!” Tbh, I pondered over this for ages. Found this was the best way to describe the situation though.
Collette: That’s a tough one. Not sure I have a worst lyric as such? When we write lyrics it’s a very careful process to communicate a desired message so I feel they’re all good!

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