Music Q&A:
Son of Dave

The harmonica and beatbox blues maverick is back with a new album, Music For Cop Shows, and plays Gullivers, Manchester, 15 Nov

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What informs your music and songwriting?
The music sort of calls out for the right words – words about drinking, making love, dancing (combine the above in any combination), fighting (marching patriotic anthems come to mind), corporate or foreign powers agitating the far right fringe elements within a country through social media in order to achieve foreign or corporate objectives. Or more simply, that Hellhound Evil B**!ch who destroyed your life.

How have you evolved as an act over the years?
Son of Dave gets better, but doesn’t evolve. It’s like the Punch and Judy Show. Don’t mess with a perfect formula.

What are you up to at the moment artistically?

Can’t wait to be writing new songs. New album is out now, or AHHT NAAAWWW as you say here. So no time for that. Still, I’ve been getting into stand-up…

What’s on your rider?
Bottle white wine (doesn’t stain, doesn’t cause burping or running to the bathroom, won’t cause overdose), snacks (dark chocolate, posh crisps, nuts), a small bowl of fruit. The rider is usually consumed onstage – a well-catered event for all.

Tell us your most embarrassing or surreal experience.

I dream of playing with the Rolling Stones. Very often. Don’t know why. It usually goes terribly wrong. In my waking hours, I’m not obsessed with them, but in my dreams it’s them and me in a loop once a month at least. My mother brings us cookies sometimes. It’s incredibly embarrassing.

What song do you wish you’d written?
Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

What’s your worst lyric?
My worst lyrics are unintelligible stuff I sing that makes no sense. I keep it in the recordings if it sounds musical. Nobody’s called me on it yet. I get away with “yeah huh slip mama doof” all the time. Rubbish.

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