End Credits: Star Wars, The Last Jedi

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It’s mid-December and that can only mean one thing: Christmas has come early and the new Star Wars is here! JJ Abrams did a stellar job with The Force Awakens, giving new hope to the franchise. As he hands over directing duties to Rian Johnson, fans’ hopes are high for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as is Disney’s confidence as it’s given Johnson a whole extra trilogy to make after these films. Details are thin and while there are plenty of rumours flying round, we don’t know if our burning questions will be answered. Who is the last Jedi? What is Rey’s heritage? Is there still light in Kylo Ren? What has Luke been doing on Ahch-To? Will this be a return of the Jedi? Will the adorable BB8 steal the show again? Where can I get my own Porg? I’m sure we’ll get a few answers wrapped up in a fun adventure, but some may just have to wait for 2019 and the as yet untitled Episode IX.

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