Music Q&A: Leftwing and Kody

Named by both Mixmag and DJ Magazine as ones to watch only a year after pairing up in 2012, the house duo, aka Jon Kong and Chris Adie, play Solid Grooves at Gorilla, Manchester on 22 December

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How have you evolved as DJs over the years?
Keeping up with technology over the years has certainly played a part in evolving as DJs. We started out playing vinyl on turntables and then witnessed the advent of the CDJ, so completely moving from analogue to the digital world was a massive change in the industry and has definitely had its plus and minus points. Now, the DJ booth is full of different bits of kit that you can use to make your set really individual which means you can make your set stand out from others. We are working on a live show at the moment, evolving from just playing finished records to remixing and creating on the fly, which is really exciting for us.

What’s your record to get any dancefloor going?
There’s a remix of Renegade Master which we have been playing at the moment and that has been getting any floor across the planet going – it’s got such a powerful groove and with the recognisable vocal, it never fails. We can’t give away too many details about the artist as it’s still top secret, but look out for it over the next few months…

Any record that unfortunately cleared it?
Haha, too many to mention!

Some say club culture is dying. What do you think?
We’d completely disagree with that. We can see through touring that club culture is still going strong. Over the last 5 years there has certainly been an explosion in the amount of festivals that are dance music orientated, but people will always head to the clubs as that’s where the roots of this music lie.

What are you up to at the moment?
We have a lot of great music lined up for next year already. There will be a couple of releases on Moon Harbour in the first half of 2018, as well as some projects on our new label, Lost Audio, and of course Lost Records, too. We’re really excited to get this new music that we’re sitting on out there and for people to hear it.

What’s on your rider?
Our rider isn’t that extravagant, it consists of a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and some mixers. We should probably spice it up a bit for 2018!

Leftwing & Kody play Solid Grooves @ Gorilla, Manchester on 22 December 

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