End Credits: Coco

Plus: The Commuter and The Final Year

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Using the colourful and fashionable traditions of the Mexican Day of the Dead, Coco is a lavish and heartfelt movie from Disney Pixar. Despite his family’s ban on music, young Coco feels the urge to become a musician like his great grandfather. Practising guitar in secret, he is mysteriously transported to the land of the deceased when visiting his hero’s grave on the Day of the Dead. With the help of new friends and long since passed ancestors, Coco must return to the land of the living before he becomes a permanent resident.

Approached by a woman on his daily train ride home from work, insurance salesman Michael Woolrich (Liam Neeson) is offered $100,000 to find the person who “doesn’t belong on the train” in The Commuter. What starts off as a simple yet mysterious observation puzzle soon turns into an overblown everyman-turned-action hero conspiracy romp.

Finally comes The Final Year, a nostalgic look back at President Obama’s, well, final year. With unprecedented access to the president and his team over 2016, it’s amazing to see what the most powerful man in the world is supposed to get up to instead of playing golf. Surely talks are underway on who gets to direct the sequel – Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich.

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