End Credits: Downsizing

Plus: Maze Runner - The Death Cure, and Early Man

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Much like the movie’s premise, Downsizing offers hope but soon runs into problems and fails to deliver on its initial charm. Paul (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) are facing financial difficulties and, following the advice of old friends, opt to downsize an irreversible process that will shrink them to five inches tall but also drastically reduce their living costs, meaning they can live a life of luxury on their modest savings. When Audrey changes her mind at the last second it leaves Paul alone, struggling with the realities of divorce and downsized life. What follows is a metaphorical tale of personal growth that ultimately still comes up short.

Also out this week is the finale to the Maze Runner series. Originally billed as the new Hunger Games, this dystopian young adult sci-fi book-based series started off quite strong but never managed to live up to the hype. The Death Cure features the film’s hero on a final mission, breaking into the legendary Last City, home to the evil WCKD. For those invested in the series it will be a welcome end after waiting three years. For everyone else this is not the place to start this convoluted and confusing series.

Finally, Nick Park brings his wide-mouthed plasticine creations to prehistoric times in Early Man. Caveman Dug must save his tribe from a Bronze Age city. For kids and fans of Aardman Animation it’s a must.

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