End Credits: Fifty Shades Freed

Plus: The 15:17 to Paris

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As Valentine’s Day looms it’s time to roll out the most unsexy, unromantic, pleasure and wish fulfilment fantasy movie series for the third, but thankfully final time. Still, no doubt people will flock in their droves to witness the climax of Fifty Shades Freed, with Ana now married to her kinky (for which read controlling and manipulative) billionaire boyfriend/master Christian Grey. They embark on their new perfect lives as beautiful rich newlyweds but pretty soon their pasts come back to haunt them and test their relationship. If you’ve read the books you’ll know how it all ends but probably want to see it acted out it on the big screen anyway. If you haven’t, good for you. Keep it that way!

Clint Eastwood directs the foiled terrorist attack biopic The 15:17 to Paris, in which a group of friends, Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, played their part in bringing down a man armed with a pistol and an assault rifle on a train from Amsterdam to Paris in 2015. What makes this film more interesting is Eastwood’s choice to cast Skarlatos, Stone and Sadler as themselves.

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