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I, Tonya

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The Winter Olympics can be a pretty weird event, and with this year’s taking place in South Korea, with some North involvement, it couldn’t get more bizarre – except for maybe the early 1990s with Tonya Harding. Margot Robbie plays the infamous figure skater in I, Tonya, effortlessly portraying her from ages 15 to 40, from a difficult and abusive upbringing to becoming the world’s number one figure skater and the only female able to pull off a triple axel. But she is still held back by her white trash roots. There are sweet, heartfelt moments through to hilariously insane you-can’t-make-this-up elements that belong in black comedy, as well as larger than life characters, inept criminals and a vicious attack on a team mate. And it’s near enough all true (there are a few embellishments but nothing substantial). I, Tonya is a rollercoaster of emotions. I never thought I’d recommend a film about figure skating, but here we are – go watch this one.

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