Music Q&A: CLiQ

The London-based production duo CLiQ, consisting of Robin M and Max Reich, drop their new single Wavey featuring former MOBO Unsung Award winner Alika

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How have you evolved as DJs over the years?
We have always been DJs who perform and create as opposed to just putting one record on after another, and the digital era allows us to manipulate the sounds even further. The classic building of sets and taking people on a journey is what we are about. Ultimately it’s all about delivering a good time and we blend house with hip-hop and Afro influences to make sure that happens.

What’s your record to get any dancefloor going?
CLiQ – Wavey! Plus anything by Black Coffee – the man is don!

Any record that unfortunately cleared it?
We’ll let you know if it ever happens! Although our broken smoke machine did manage to set off the fire alarms once and that definitely cleared the place!

Some say club culture is dying. What do you think?
We think that club culture is changing with a new underground scene blowing up everywhere around UK, you just have to source them out.

What are you up to at the moment?
Back in the studio making new tunes. Working with some talented artists. And sleeping. Not necessarily at the same time.

What’s on your rider?
Yellow M&Ms, some drinks and a new smoke machine.

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