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Tomb Raider

Plus: Peter Rabbit

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As a rule, movies based on video games are generally pretty poor, some providing a few cheap thrills for fans but nothing substantial. The new Tomb Raider movie could, fingers crossed be an exception, based on the 2013 rebooted game, things thus far seem to stay pretty close to the source material. Moving the emphasis away from the huge pointy breasts and trigger-happy running and jumping, the reimagined Lara Croft comes with a progressive, deep and well-told origin story with plenty of character development. Investigating the previous disappearance of her eccentric explorer father, Lara (Alicia Vikander) uncovers hidden secrets about his adventures.

Beatrix Potter’s beloved Peter Rabbit gets his own movie. Updated for the modern day, the lush CGI characters are mixed into the real world. Voiced by a whole host of talented actors, and James Corden as Peter, all your childhood favourites are there but the tale unfortunately lacks the charm and heart of the books.

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Tomb Raider

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