Music Q&A: NamesBliss

Known for his energy and intricate flows the North London artist and MC has just released new EP Style and Grace and a single of the same name

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How would you describe your sound?
My flow is the main thing. I like using my voice tone to entertain. Certain things have caught on, they’re almost like catchphrases, so when I say “faaaaam”, or change the pitch of my voice people anticipate it. I describe it as being lively. I’m either like this or very raw and real – these are my more storytelling tracks. If you had a listen to Seven Sisters, you would know what I mean. For me the music’s either gotta make you get hype and bop your head or make you think and feel something about life on a deeper level.

What informs your music and songwriting?
Writing songs is usually by choice. I see writing as a skill, so most of the time I write to get better. I could be feeling any number of emotions and I just write from that place. Sometimes it’s all about the instrumental though – a good beat can get you into its vibe. Huffy is a bad boy producer – when it comes to grime he’s my guy. As for other genres, there’s a donny called NatzLdn who just makes hits.

What are you up to at the moment artistically?
I’m working on two things at the same time at the moment – I’ve also got a lot of producers shouting me for sessions, but that’s separate and more random. As for the two things, I’m working on a remix of the lead single Style And Grace – the people on there have to be very wavey! That should be out next month at some point.

I’m also working on my summer tunes. I’m making a lot of sounds that are pushing boundaries, some are garagey, some with real afro vibes – but they all have a bass element to them. Grime is sick – what I’m looking to do is show my many sides, but you’re always gonna get a track with a filthy bass from me. I’m creating a lot of music for the summer. I have long sessions where I just listen to beats and record, record and record. Hopefully what comes out of these sessions is gold. That’s always the aim. I’ve got another project coming in summer – that one is gonna be a big one, innit.

What’s on your rider?
JD and Coke or Malibu. I used to drink Malibu straight at uni – that was my party drink, my go-to. The mad thing is I hardly drink – it’s not really my thing – but when I do these are my go-to’s.

Tell us your most embarrassing or surreal experience?
Primary school – my mum screwed at me in front of all my people. I thought I was a bad man as well. She proper shouted at me. A black man can’t go red but I think I did not gonna lie.

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