Music Q&A:
Simone Felice

The songwriter, record producer and author from deep in the Catskills releases new album The Projector on 13 April, featuring Four Tet and Bat for Lashes, and plays northern dates next month

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What informs your music and songwriting?
I reckon the same as every lonely troubadour through the ages: loss, lust, love, fear, loathing, hunger for something pure.

How have you evolved as an artist over the years?
Difficult for me to say. I hope I’ve grown, learned a few truths, a few tricks. But I can’t really judge.

What are you up to at the moment artistically?
I’m constantly embroiled in collusion with my artists and friends, in the studio with Jade Bird right now – she’s pure dynamite.

What’s on your rider?
Pure water. Apricots. Acorns.

Tell us your most embarrassing or surreal experience.
Being asked to sing The Weight with my hero Levon Helm – rest his soul – of The Band at a concert, having to remember all those words and do it some kind of justice.

What song do you wish you’d written?
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

What’s your worst lyric?
“Baghdad, she’s a mean old girl…”

Simone Felice plays dates including Night & Day, Manchester, 10 May and Howard Assembly Room, Leeds, 16 May

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