Music Q&A: The Limiñanas

Fresh from shows in Manchester and Leeds, Marie Liminana, one half of the French psych duo catches up with Big Issue North

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What informs your music and songwriting?
These are stories often linked to reality. Family stories, love stories with problems – we take from our memories or what we can observe around us.

How have you evolved as a band evolved over the years?
We haven’t evolved technically since 1988! But we learn to feel comfortable on bigger stages. We come from bars, little clubs. The first time we played in a big open air festival was a bit scary. But we learnt to enjoy this kind of situation. I don’t ask myself questions musically. I work in our little studio almost daily. And we let each other do music as we feel it, without following the trends – that doesn’t have any interest for us.

What inspires you artistically?
Listening to Sleaford Mods and JC Satan, who are the best bands in the world. I also watch movies with Jean Gabin, before and after the war, from Pepe le Mono to La Horse, and an English series called Loaded. I like the crafts of Claudia Comelade, who revisits classic artworks and pop icons, among other things.

What’s on your rider?
Two good bottles of wine. A little whisky for our guitarist Ivan Telefunken. Brown towels. We like to eat.

Tell us your most embarrassing or surreal experience.
Having stayed stuck in the bathroom just before getting on stage with my garage punk band the Beach Bitches in the 1990s. I am still ashamed of it when I think about it. The bathrooms were behind the stage. Crowd understood it all.

What song do you wish you’d written?
Louie Louie by Richard Berry, the greatest song in history. I have a tattoo of it on my shoulder. This title is an old obsession, from childhood. I believe that the first time I heard about it was in the movie Animal House by John Landis, which also is an old obsession.

What’s your worst lyric?
“Baby I love you, yes I do,” but it’s not released yet.

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