End Credits: Hereditary

Plus: Super Troopers 2

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“Unsettling”, “harrowing”, “atmospheric”, “relentless”, “emotional terrorism”, “a new generation’s Exorcist”. Not the greatest things to hear about a movie, unless it’s a horror. Initial reactions for Ari Aster’s directorial debut Hereditary are overwhelmingly positive, from actors’ performances to the horror that plays out. When Annie Graham’s (Toni Collette) mother dies her family begins to unravel, and a sinister secret begins to take over. Playing with traditional horror movie tropes Hereditary twists them slightly and doesn’t rely on the all too easy jump scare, replacing it with an uneasy sense of dread about what’s real and what could be hidden in that dark corner.

However scary Hereditary may be, more terrifying is that after 17 years the inept moustachioed highway patrol officers are back in Super Troopers 2. Just as funny as the first time (take that how you want) the sequel was somehow crowdfunded last year, raising ¢4.5 million via its internet savvy fans.

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  • Rebecca Pollack
    01 Jul 2018 15:20
    Loved the music of the ending credits! Coming out of such a dark depressing scary film , changed my mood to an optimistic.. just from the music at the end . Brilliant

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