End Credits: The Meg

Plus: Unfriended and the best from San Diego Comic Con

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The summer lull has arrived so first in the barrel scrapings this week is The Meg, a giant shark-based action flick. A well timed release as the US goes mad online for Discovery Channel’s annual #SharkWeek, The Meg stars Jason Statham facing off against the previously thought to be extinct Megalodon. Unlikely to reach the height of Jaws success or Sharknado’s cheesy cult status, The Meg looks destined to lay dormant in the depths with the likes of Deep Blue Sea, Jurassic Shark and so many other giant killer shark movies.

Next up is Unfriended: Dark Web, which is less sequel and more spinoff to Unfriended – an interesting but poorly executed horror, shot from the point of view of the actors’ webcams. Where the first movie had a group haunted by the girl they bullied, this time a group become privy to some shady dealings on the dark web after their friend steals a laptop from a cafe and decides to share the weird stuff he found on it with them. Unsurprisingly the laptop’s original owner isn’t too happy about this. This movie kind of feels like a cautionary tale against the dark web but what it actually teaches is use factor authentication, secure passwords and mainly just don’t steal someone’s laptop.

Thankfully there’s hope on the horizon as it was San Diego Comic Con last week, which means there a slew of trailers for the big movies coming later this year. Will Aquaman save the DC cinematic universe. Will Shazam bring DC some much needed lightness and humour? Will Godzilla retain his title as King of Monsters? We’ll find out soon enough.

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