End Credits: Venom

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Tom Hardy brings the dark symbiotic alien comic character to big screens this week with Venom. While this is Venom’s first solo outing, we have seen the character on screen before, but the less said about Spider-Man 3 the better. Investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Hardy) comes into contact with the symbiote while researching the Life Foundation’s dodgy experiments. Bonding with Eddie, it transforms him into the shapeshifting Venom, a dark and violent dual personality, part Incredible Hulk, part Deadpool.

But with his origins as a Spider-Man villain (later turned anti-hero) herein lies a problem: Venom is a Sony production but Spider-Man’s most recent outing, Homecoming, cemented the character firmly back into the Marvel Comic Universe (Avengers, etc). Sony does still own the rights to Spidey, and fans are going to want it, so is there a possibility of a future face-off? Who knows? Maybe the upcoming animated “spider-verse” movie could offer a solution. Basically there are multiple spider-men (and women, and a pig) so Venom could face one of them.

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