Music Q&A: Eddi Reader

The Scottish singer-songwriter tours this autumn. Here she tells Big Issue North about her evolution as an artist

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What informs your music/songwriting?
Who knows. A scrap of inspiration can be the opening of a door to the arrival of further discovery. It’s impossible to say when or where you will be inspired. (Inspiration – from the French respire – breathe)

How have you evolved as an artist evolved over the years?
What tough questions. I’ve evolved the very same way we all do. The frivolity of focusing on nothing but music dilutes a little as life happens and ageing through nature brings some restrictions to free time but it comes back to you when the kids are grown. Kinda where I’m at now.

What are you up to at the moment artistically?
I’ve been working and finished a new collection of powerful songs. Written edited and arranged over a long period of transition for me. 
It’s called Cavalier and it’s gonna fill some ears with a bit of joy.

What’s on your rider?
Chocolate and beer and cheese and bread and veggy stuff, meat stuff, crisps, butter, hummus, cake…. Beyoncé wouldn’t last five minutes.

Tell us your most embarrassing or surreal experience.
The most? I don’t know that but I’ll tell you the most recent: talking to my husband and within five seconds the very same topic being mentioned on the tv show we were casually watching. Bizarre stuff like that blows my mind. 

What song do you wish you’d written?
I like so many songs, and I’m over the moon that for centuries we all can luxuriate with every song that’s ever been. I’m happy with any of mine and happy to inhabit any that ring my bells and come my way.

What’s your worst lyric?
Of other people’s songs? Or mine? Regarding others, I could never comment. Of mine I would step back 20 paces in therapy if I allowed myself to let my inner critic be in charge. Je n’regret rein.

Eddi Reader performs at Leeds’s City Varieties Music Hall on 25 Oct and Sheffield Firth Hall on 27 Oct.

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