End Credits: Mandy

Plus: Smallfoot

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After spending the past few years as an internet meme or easy punchline Nicolas Cage has come full circle, his usual OTT style lending itself perfectly to the 1980s style fest Mandy. Set in in 1983, Red Miller (Cage) and his girlfriend Mandy have their peaceful existence upturned by a sadistic cult-esque biker gang, soon turning the movie into a weird, wonderful and bloody revenge mission. At a time when maybe we’re getting a bit sick of nostalgia Mandy is crafted so well it rekindles the love.

A more family-friendly monster movie for the week is Smallfoot. Stylistically similar in looks to Hotel Transylvania and How to Train Your Dragon (although from a different studio) the animation follows Migo, a yeti out to prove to his family and friends smallfoots, aka humans, actually exist. Yetis sound like monsters to humans and we sound like minions to them so there can be nothing but complications when they discover one another. Voicing the yetis is an all-star cast including Channing Tatum, Zendaya, Danny DeVito and LeBron James. James Corden stars as a human former TV personality trying to get back in the spotlight.

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