End Credits: Overlord

Plus: Kim, Bros: After The Screaming Stops, The Grinch

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This week’s safest bet for thrills in the cinema may sound like the cheesiest B-movie rip-off at first glance, but with JJ Abrams producing and lending a golden touch, this Nazi zombie war flick does what it does and does it well. Hours before D-Day a team of American paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines encounter a mysterious Nazi science lab beneath a church. Having been likened to everything from Saving Private Ryan to Call of Duty’s Zombie mode, Overlord has already been pleasing critics and will surely please horror fans on release.

Having already been confirmed as a box-office bomb, confusing sci-fi romp Kin may have some decent names in its cast, like Jack Reynor, Zoë Kravitz, Denis Quaid and the always charismatic James Franco, but that hasn’t stopped it scraping the bottom of the Rotten Tomatoes barrel within a few months of release in the US.

Twins Luke and Matt Goss, aka 190s pop icons Bros, have their reunion documented in Bros: After The Screaming Stops. Once one of the biggest bands on the planet, the brothers had not spoken in almost 30 years. Their past together and apart play big parts in whether they can get along and make the reunion work, making for a surprisingly good pop documentary.

Finally, with Halloween just about out of the way we get our first festive film of the year, and I carry the same sentiment about a Christmas movie at the start of November as the eponymous character. The Grinch is yet another telling of the Dr Seuss holiday story. This time it comes from Despicable Me and Minion studio Illumination and features Benedict Humbug-batch as the grouchy green Scrooge so no doubt it will be successful. But it’s November so the sentiment remains – humbug!

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