End Credits: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Plus: Creed II

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Branching out from the world of games, Wreck it Ralph goes online for a sequel, and this time Ralph Breaks the Internet. Just like the first movie there’s plenty of recognisable brands, hat tips, character cameos and easter eggs, only this time with the wider scope of the whole internet it becomes a meme-tactic affair. When Venellope’s (Sara Silverman) game breaks, her and Ralph head to the newly installed internet to find the necessary part. Obviously Ralph’s clumsy but well-meaning nature leads to some fun misadventures, with humour to suit the whole family.

Another sequel out this week is Creed II, continues the modern day Rocky spin-off. This time Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan), son of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers in the original Rocky series) faces off against the son of Ivan Drogo (Dolph Lundgren) the man who killed his father in the fifth Rocky film. Both Sylvester Stallone and Lundgren reprise their ageing rolls to train their prospective proteges in another dramatic boxing flick.

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