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The LA singer reassures fans they'll still hear I Think We're Alone Now on her UK tour – but in a stripped-back acoustic version

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Tiffany! How does it feel to still be making music after 30 years in the business?
It feels amazing to be making music after 30 years! I’m so excited about the new album Pieces Of Me. I think it’s the best album I’ve ever recorded and I’m really looking forward to many doors opening and the year to come

Any particular years stand out as highlights?
I actually think that this last year is probably the biggest highlight. I recorded the new album and it was such a different musical experience, like using studios like Rockfield and staying on the property with the full band – such a different way to record, which has really made me grow as a musician. The whole process has been wonderful.

What still inspires your songwriting?
I’m inspired to write stories about life, about honesty, about awkward moments, about growing pains, about break-ups. I usually write more vulnerable songs that show real life stories. I love writing all types of music but I find that sometimes happy dance songs don’t come as easy as sad ballads to me.

How have you evolved as an artist over the years?
I’ve definitely grown into the artist that I’ve always wanted to be, as far back as 10, 11, 12 years old. I’m now fronting a band and having more of a rock-pop sound. I’m exactly where I have envisioned myself for a long time. It’s still pop-based music but with definitely an edge. I think that the fans have known for a long time that I love 1980s music but more hair bands/Stevie Nicks has always been where my heart lies. I think that this album has a very modern sound but still a very retro fun feel

Tell us about the new album Pieces of Me.
One of my favourites is The Fall. It’s not really a commercially-driven song that you’d hear on the radio like the others I’ve mentioned but it shows so much of my passion. My producer Mark Alberici and I worked very hard on this to make sure that the whole album was just a really great musical experience.

Everyone loves I Think We’re Alone Now. Do you ever get sick of singing it?
I don’t get sick of singing I Think We’re Alone Now. I’m very grateful for my beginning sounds like I Think We’re Alone Now, Could’ve Been and All This Time. I love performing the songs in my live show and I have really worked hard to make them fit with the new music.

What song do you wish you’d written?
LA song by Beth Hart. Being an LA girl, born and raised, I fell in love with the song and I’m a huge Beth Hart fan. It’s about how you can’t run away from your problems – doesn’t matter if you try to go to the next city over, if you don’t change your life and change you it doesn’t matter where you go.

What’s on your rider?
My rider consists of a cheese and meat plate. We laugh and call the new album pieces of meat, lol. Lots of lemon tea and a bit of Jim Beam. That’s an old soul-blues trick for the voice – warms it up nicely!

Ever been starstruck?
I think the biggest person I’ve been starstruck with is Stevie Nicks and I’ve met her a ton of times and I’m still in awe of her. She’s just magical and so sweet and honest. The support I’ve gotten from her to keep going on with my career and to be happy while doing it and have great people around me – those words have continually stuck with me. I think probably meeting Julian Lennon was also a big highlight for me. I had to be about 16 and thought he was incredibly cute and wonderful as we sat and talked at a party but I completely dorked out and blew it.

You’re doing an acoustic tour of the UK. What can we expect from the shows?
So excited about the up-and-coming tour and playing acoustic shows. I think this is where you really get to know me as an artist because it’s so intimate and every show is completely unique. It really just takes on whatever the evenings meant to be. So lots of participation from fans. Stories behind the songs – why I wrote them, my experience recording them. It’s going to be a bit like you were in my living room – it is that intimate.

Finally, what advice would you give a 16 year old pop star starting out today?
I think that the more you’re comfortable you are with yourself the better you’ll do. You have to make most of any experience you get. With me I would sing anywhere, any time and opportunities sometimes don’t come around again, so you need to be open minded. It may seem like only two people in the room are listening, but you never know who those two people are and every time you get on stage it’s an experience and a way to grow as an artist. It’s so important for you as an artist, whether it’s learning how to work a crowd, learning windows when awkward moments arise, or if you’re a songwriter what song is working or what songs need to be refined. And just keep going!

Tiffany’s Pieces of Me Tour kicks off on 1 December and includes Radio City 2 Christmas Ball in Liverpool on 7 December and the Kings Arms, Salford on 10 December. For tickets and more information please visit

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