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Glass kicks off 2019’s big cinema releases, wrapping up M Night Shyamalan’s superhero trilogy that began with Unbreakable 20 years ago. Since then Shyamalan’s once golden name has be-come synonymous with convoluted twists and bad movies until 2016’s surprise second part of the trilogy, Split was a return to form. Unfortunately Glass despite the hype, doesn’t seem to be continuing the magic, while I’m sure fans of the other films will be interested to see how it all plays out, it’s doubtful to encourage new viewers to go and watch the first two films.

Looking forward to the rest of the year it’s sure to be a blockbuster year for big films. Marvel Studi-os has three movies out. First, in March there’s Captain Marvel, set in the 90s it establishes the role of Brie Larson’s character, which was teased at the end of Avengers: Infinity War and who is probably integral to its sequel Avengers: Endgame’s Plot. Speaking of which we’ll only have to wait another month to find out who returns and how for the fourth Avengers movie will play out. Details are pretty scarce at the moment but one who definitely will return is Peter Parker as Spider-Man: Far From Home is out later in the year. The other Marvel, but not MCU franchise, X-Men get’s a sequel too with Dark Pheonix. The movies have been a mixed bag but the X-Men story arc this is based on is a fan favourite.

It’s going to be a massive year for Disney, not only do they own Marvel Studios, they also own Star Wars, which gets it’s Episode IX in time for next Christmas, not to mention its own films. Continuing their successful ‘live action reimaginings’ there’s Dumbo, The Lion King and Aladdin and on the animation front there’s Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2.

DC has a couple of movies out, there’s the lesser-known lighthearted Shazam! and an unconnected standalone movie from Batman’s most famous villain Joker. Else where in comic movies Hell-boy gets a re-boot, and the Manga based Alita: Battle Angel get’s its release after being delayed from last year.

Videogame movies are rarely a good thing but one treat looks to be Detective Pikachu. Despite a fan petition to get Danny DeVito to voice a grizzled version of the electric chinchilla Pokemon the job has gone to the equally sardonic Dead Pool star Ryan Reynolds. Less can be said for Sonic the Hedgehog, which is apparently getting a movie. With little more than a poster and concept art to go at, it looks super creepy.

Finally there’s sequels galore: It: Part 2 wraps up the fantastic clown horror; Godzilla get’s another outing, this time bringing some old friends and foes; The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part gets an imaginative title; Men In Black goes ‘International’; and there’s an as yet untitled Terminator film due out. Plus John Wick, How To Train Your Dragon, Zombieland, Happy Death Day, The Secret Life of Pets and more all return to cinema screens.

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